Laser Teeth Whitening

In today’s world, visual appearance is considered to be a key component in achieving success in any field. Many people are now interested in achieving that perfect smile; this is leading to a dissatisfaction with one’s teeth color. Laser teeth whitening has become a popular option for teeth whitening. The laser teeth whitening process is quick and simple, and gives instantaneous results, and this constitutes its chief attraction.

For many people, the laser teeth whitening process might seem like an expensive option; but the fact that it takes only an hour for the process to be completed, and it is also a suitable option for those with sensitive teeth, is making laser teeth whitening difficult to resist.

Compared to the other teeth whitening processes, laser teeth whitening is extremely simple. Your dentist will first clean your teeth and any plaque present, before starting the laser teeth whitening process.

After the dentist has made your teeth ready, he will apply a peroxide gel of professional strength, and then he will use the laser light to start the teeth whitening. It is the laser that speeds up the whitening process. Depending on the discoloration and stain of your teeth, the gel and laser process may be repeated several times. The process will take about an hour, and at the end of it, your teeth will be whiter by about 9-10 shades.

One point you have to remember is that the life of laser teeth whitening is limited, like the other teeth whitening processes. You will have to go in for further sessions at intervals of 2-3 years; this again depends on the level of dental care you maintain, and what you will be eating and drinking during this period, in order to maintain the laser treated bright teeth and smile.

If you have in mind other forms of cosmetic dentistry treatment, be sure to go in for laser teeth whitening first. Prosthetic teeth like bridges, crowns, dental veneers and tooth implants will not bleach; so unless you have your own teeth whitened first, it might ruin the natural look of your prosthetic teeth.

If your teeth are sensitive, tray based teeth whitening products might not be such a good idea, as these require repeated applications of the bleaching substance. Laser teeth whitening will be more suitable for sensitive teeth, as the process requires only a single application.

It is true that the expenses of the laser teeth whitening process are higher than the cost of buying teeth-whitening kits available in local stores. Home teeth whitening kits cost only a few dollars. Professional laser teeth whitening costs will be in the range of $500 to $1000, depending on the dentist and what extra benefits he/she is offering.

The cost aspect is offset by the fact that laser teeth whitening produces whiter teeth after just one sitting, and you get immediate results. It saves valuable time and is hassle free. So you have to decide which option is more suitable for you, and whether you want to go in for the home treatment to save on costs.