More Reasons to Smile

A visit to your dentist could be as pleasurable as walking barefoot on hot sand. However this kind of situation arises usually because we have waited for too long before making that much needed visit. An early intervention in cases of dental problems could actually convert these dreaded visits into a pleasant activity that is essential in maintaining oral health. Problems of teeth alignment are one such common reason that requires the intervention of a competent dentist. And the use of braces is the most effective and usual solution for this common problem. People across all age groups and mainly youngsters in NYC and other places can be seen with braces, confident in the knowledge that soon they will be flashing brilliant smiles with perfectly aligned teeth.

The braces NYC can offer a great relief not only from alignment problems but also from a life of constantly being ridiculed by friends and even family. Although many teenagers and adults are embarrassed about wearing the regular metal braces as it seems to highlight their defect, they need to remember that nobody is born perfect. A dental problem like the alignment of teeth can be easily taken care of by regular use of braces. Now braces NYC also offer the option of invisible braces known as ‘invisalign’ that are usually made of plastic or ceramic, making them very difficult to spot and therefore ‘invisible’. However such braces, in contrast to regular ones need to be taken off at certain time, like during meals, and so require a longer period of treatment.

Using braces can be painful initially and the user needs to adjust with the funny sensation of an alien entity inside their mouth. A competent dentist can help the user be as comfortable as possible during the initial days of using braces. Certain activities like playing musical instruments using the mouth could be difficult and even sound funny. The wearer of braces in NYC however needs to constantly remind himself/herself about the long term benefits. A quick search on the internet can show the names of various celebrities, who are perhaps known for their looks, as having worn braces when they were young. A school going teenager who is embarrassed about wearing braces can then gain confidence, secure in the knowledge that if her favorite celebrity can overcome the experience of wearing braces, then so can she.

The ongoing research and innovation in the field of oral healthcare is constantly discovering improved and convenient way to provide the best oral care possible. The existence of a wide variety of braces in NYC and other places, that consist of colored bands, etc, and even the invisalign braces are a major proof of this advancement. A visit to the dentist need not be as scary as before. Now there is no need to suffer from dental problems such cavities, broken tooth, gum problems and bad breath. A basic oral care and hygiene routine and regular checkups by a competent dentist can go a long way in preserving that million dollar smile.


Laser Teeth Whitening

In today’s world, visual appearance is considered to be a key component in achieving success in any field. Many people are now interested in achieving that perfect smile; this is leading to a dissatisfaction with one’s teeth color. Laser teeth whitening has become a popular option for teeth whitening. The laser teeth whitening process is quick and simple, and gives instantaneous results, and this constitutes its chief attraction.

For many people, the laser teeth whitening process might seem like an expensive option; but the fact that it takes only an hour for the process to be completed, and it is also a suitable option for those with sensitive teeth, is making laser teeth whitening difficult to resist.

Compared to the other teeth whitening processes, laser teeth whitening is extremely simple. Your dentist will first clean your teeth and any plaque present, before starting the laser teeth whitening process.

After the dentist has made your teeth ready, he will apply a peroxide gel of professional strength, and then he will use the laser light to start the teeth whitening. It is the laser that speeds up the whitening process. Depending on the discoloration and stain of your teeth, the gel and laser process may be repeated several times. The process will take about an hour, and at the end of it, your teeth will be whiter by about 9-10 shades.

One point you have to remember is that the life of laser teeth whitening is limited, like the other teeth whitening processes. You will have to go in for further sessions at intervals of 2-3 years; this again depends on the level of dental care you maintain, and what you will be eating and drinking during this period, in order to maintain the laser treated bright teeth and smile.

If you have in mind other forms of cosmetic dentistry treatment, be sure to go in for laser teeth whitening first. Prosthetic teeth like bridges, crowns, dental veneers and tooth implants will not bleach; so unless you have your own teeth whitened first, it might ruin the natural look of your prosthetic teeth.

If your teeth are sensitive, tray based teeth whitening products might not be such a good idea, as these require repeated applications of the bleaching substance. Laser teeth whitening will be more suitable for sensitive teeth, as the process requires only a single application.

It is true that the expenses of the laser teeth whitening process are higher than the cost of buying teeth-whitening kits available in local stores. Home teeth whitening kits cost only a few dollars. Professional laser teeth whitening costs will be in the range of $500 to $1000, depending on the dentist and what extra benefits he/she is offering.

The cost aspect is offset by the fact that laser teeth whitening produces whiter teeth after just one sitting, and you get immediate results. It saves valuable time and is hassle free. So you have to decide which option is more suitable for you, and whether you want to go in for the home treatment to save on costs.


Cosmetic dentistry NYC could be the reason behind a great smile

A dazzling smile may have earned you number of compliments but it is a fact that most of us do not make an effort to ensure oral health care until and unless the need arises. A simple toothache can escalate to a major dental problem before you realize. It is this minor oversight that could be a leading reason for most of the dental problems. It is therefore essential to include a visit to the dentist in our regular scheme of things to preserve that smile. However, if a dental problem were to arise that makes you hide your smile in public, endure pain or causes bad breath, you still have hope. Cosmetic dentistry NYC provides you the much needed relief from dental problems of all kinds.

Any kind of ailment related to the tooth can be cured by a competent dentist using the help of cosmetic dentistry. Now broken or chipped teeth, discolored teeth, alignment problems or any other tooth related defect is rectifiable with the help of cosmetic dentistry. The best facilities and advance technology are easily available for Cosmetic dentistry NYC or any other state. The options offered under cosmetic dentistry could range from teeth whitening, bonding technology, use of braces both regular and invisalign, tooth contouring and so on. A skilled dentist could gift you a beautiful smile using various dental implants, composite or porcelain veneers, bridges, crowns and restorative procedures.

The added confidence that a winning smile gives you speaks volumes about the advantages of cosmetic dentistry. In a competitive world where looking good is considered as important as being intelligent, it makes good sense to employ every advantage at your disposal to achieve the best results. New York, besides many other places has a good number of people choosing cosmetic dentistry option to enhance their looks. Any dentist certified by the American Dental Association would do a competent job of cosmetic dentistry in New York. The numbers of people opting for such treatment are increasing greatly over the last many years. As cosmetic dentistry offers the option of correcting any dental defect that may be overshadowing your appearance, cosmetic dentistry NYC has many takers.

People sporting beautiful smiles have many takers such as the beauty pageants offering a special recognition for the woman with the ‘most beautiful smile’ and toothpaste companies vying with each other for the oral healthcare market. As cosmetic dentistry NYC uses procedures such as porcelain or composite veneers and invisible braces to enhance your appearance the phobia attached with a visit to the dentist is fast disappearing. It would not be easy to spot a person who has undergone a cosmetic dentistry treatment thereby further increasing the positive points in favor of cosmetic dentistry. Little do we realize the importance of our teeth till the time they are in perfect condition and the smile looks good. It’s only when the problems crop up in form of deformity or painful toothaches do we press the panic button.

Although cosmetic dentistry NYC is always an option for correcting any tooth related problems, it is always advisable to maintain some basic care with regard to your teeth. Follow a regular oral care routine to ensure you can preserve your winning smile for a much longer duration.


Have A Headache? See Your Dentist!

Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic headaches or Migraines? Usually these people have seen a variety of different doctors, with little, if any, relief. Their symptoms are being treated, but the cause of the problem still persists. Ever thought about seeing your dentist for a migraine? Well that is just one of the conditions that Neuromuscular dentistry is being used to treat. Neuromuscular dentistry is one of the new technologies available in dentistry today. It is different from regular dentistry in that it focuses on the muscles of the jaw and neck and how they are related to the teeth.

Neuromuscular dentistry recognizes that the muscles that move the jaw must be in a comfortable, relaxed position in order to not be in conflict with the teeth and jaw joint i.e. we must have ” happy muscles.” Some of the symptoms that occur when we do not have these “happy muscles” include: Headaches, Loose teeth, Clenching or grinding, root abfractions, pain or clicking and popping in the jaw joints, shoulder and neck, back pain, numbness in arms and fingers, non-specific facial pain, problems swallowing, hot or cold sensitive teeth, crowded teeth, receding gums, ringing or congestion in the ears. A person could experience Migraine headaches and no other symptoms, yet be suffering from a neuromuscular dental problem.

There are a number of different types of equipment used in Neuromuscular dentistry to help us get a person to a position of “Happy Muscles”. First, we must find a position at rest that is most comfortable for the patient. This is position where the muscles are relaxed, regardless of where the teeth line up. A devi ce known as the Myo-monitor is used to help relax the patient’s muscles. It is a low frequency T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation) unit. The Myo-monitor stimulates the Trigeminal Nerve and The Facial nerve using a very mild electrical impulse.

This TENSing accomplishes 3 things. First, it pumps waste metabolites and lactic acid away from the stressed muscles. Second, it increases the blood flow to the muscle, which increases the oxygen, glucose and energy to the muscle itself. Finally, it allows the jaw to relax into its ideal position. Tensing usually takes 45- 60 minutes depending on how bad a patient’s symptoms are and how tight their muscles are. Sometimes, we will use an EMG machine to measure the level of tightness in the different muscles. Before tensing, the EMG shows the hyperactivity of the muscles. After TENSing, there is much less activity and the muscles are much “happier”.

After TENSing and finding the ideal position of the jaw where the muscles are happy, we make an appliance called an orthotic to keep the muscles in this position. Keeping the muscles in this position is very important because it allows them to remain at their ideal length, which prevents them from going into spasm. Again, we want to get to a state of “Happy Muscles”.

Wearing the orthotic allows the muscles to heal, pain to dissipate and/or disappear and the jaw joint to heal. The orthotic is usually worn for 1-3 months to make sure the bite is correct and that the symptoms disappear. Once the patient has become symptom free, we make a decision about Phase 2 of the treatment. The patient may decide to wear the orthotic indefinitely, have orthodontic treatment done to move teeth into the correct position, have the teeth restored or adjust the teeth to their ideal bite.

The following three patient cases recently came to me for migraine treatment.

Alan is a 68-year-old male with a history of migraine headaches 6-10 times per month for the past 25 years. “I had seen every imaginable type of doctor in the country, including the Mayo clinic. Nothing would stop the headaches; just control the pain with drugs. It got to the point where I had to carry narcotics with me everywhere I went.” Alan was treated using neuromuscular dentistry and is now virtually headache free. “I am so happy with the results of my treatment. I am practically headache free and don’t have to take any headache medications anymore. What a relief after all these years.”

Barbara is a 43-year-old mom of three with a history of headaches and stiff neck for the past 7 years. She had seen numerous physicians, specialists, chiropractors and acupuncturists over the years. “Nobody was able to stop the headaches and I haven’t been able to move my neck completely for 1 and ½ years. I had to miss my 10 year old’s birthday party because of a migraine.” When Barbara came to our office, she had a severe headache and a knot the size of a golf ball in the muscles of her neck. We used the TENS unit on her for 1 hr. “I couldn’t believe it. My headache had disappeared, the knot in my neck was gone, and I could move my neck from side to side for the first time in a year and a half.” Barbara has been virtually pain free for the last 3 months, and is extremely happy with the results of her orthotic use. “I can’t wait to have my mouth restored.”

Deaun had occasional migraines until two years ago. ”I was at a comedy club with my husband and I felt a migraine coming on. We left the club, went home and I went to bed. Ever since then, the migraines have been pretty much all the time for the last two years.” Deaun had been to numerous doctors with no resolution. “They kept telling me that all they could do was give me pain medication. Then I heard about Dr. Cohen. My husband didn’t think anything would work but I really wanted to try neuromuscular dentistry. I am so glad that I did. My headaches have been reduced to about 1 every 6 weeks and even my husband, the skeptic, is amazed at the improvement. I am religious about wearing my orthotic and feel great.”


Dentist New York offers the best solution for oral healthcare

Most of us indefinitely postpone our scheduled visits to the dentist. In our subconscious mind there is a certain misgiving associated with approaching an oral healthcare specialist about any problems regarding our teeth unless it has aggravated to a major state. Maybe the reason behind it is that we are aware of having neglected our oral health causing dental problems like bleeding gums, toothaches, bad breath, discoloration and many more such problems. Most of would not like the dentist to remind us of our negligence and are also afraid of the treatment being painful. A dentist in New York could help to change the age old perception attached with the dentists.

A dentist New York may be the ideal solution you have been looking for to cure all your dental problems. The latest technologies and innovations in the field of dentistry have opened up a world of opportunities for corrective dental procedures. A dentist New York can offer solutions for every dental problem that your may be facing. It could be teeth whitening for discolored teeth, alignment with regular and invisalign braces for alignment problems, dental implants for broken or chipped teeth and so on and so forth. The biggest advantage of improving technology and advancements is that now no one needs to know if you have had a corrective treatment done for your dental problems. A dentist in New York or any other state can ensure even great results with devices such as invisible braces which are difficult to spot even at close quarters.

Today’s lifestyle brings with it a lot of stress induced addictions such as smoking, drinking coffee and even chewing tobacco. A lot of people fall prey to dental problems due to these negative habits which need correctional treatment by a dentist in New York or any other state where they reside. Many of us also face dental problems and diseases without realizing the source of such a problem. It is now common knowledge that consuming excessively hot or cold edible items could lead to dental problems. However many children and even adults fail to consciously remember to inculcate this fact in their day to day food habits. A visit to the dentist has therefore become more of a lifestyle necessity. Regular and timely checkups by a competent dentist can ensure that your never have to face any severe dental problems causing not only physical pain and discomfort but also distorting your appearance.

Dental problems are not always a result of your negligence. It could occur due to some mishap like an accident where your teeth may be broken or chipped. A broken tooth can completely deform your appearance, making you completely withdrawn from any kind of social interaction. A dentist in New York can give the assurance of restoring your looks and with it, your confidence. A pleasing smile can brighten anyone’s day even under most depressing circumstances. And a dentist in New York can guarantee that the pleasing smile belongs to you. A little awareness and oral healthcare can go a long way in ensuring a trouble free smile for your entire life.


Good to Know Things about Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become a very important issue these days. A nice smile with snow white teeth can bring you really useful advantages in your career and every day life. But even if you brush your teeth very often, they are still going to get a bit yellow. So any person with permanent teeth, needs a teeth whitening process from time to time. The possibility of having yellow teeth grows if you smoke a lot or drink a lot of coffee.

What you should know is that you shouldn’t panic if you observe that your teeth has stains. All you have to do is to go to your regularly dentist for an oral exam. He is the best qualified to recommend you a good cosmetic dentistry procedure for teeth whitening. There are many different ways to recover your beautiful smile.

The most common method for teeth whitening is using a good recommended and tested whitening toothpaste. This is also a good teeth maintenance method. Another teeth whitening product that you can use is a whitening gel or whitening strips. Combined with a good whitening toothpaste, this will bring you great results.

Best way to deal with yellow teeth is by bleaching. Teeth can get yellow stained, striped or molted from tobacco, coffee and food. Molted teeth or too much fluoride may not respond even to the bleaching treatment. This is quite a big teeth whitening problem and the best way to resolve it is to ask your dentist for advice.

The periodontal disease is a nasty gum illness that many people have. I would suggest you not to use any chemical teeth whitening techniques that could irritate your gums pretty bad. Also, if you have tooth fillings that are colored, crowns or bonding in your front teeth, I would not recommend you bleaching because you won’t see any results.

You can always try some traditional mouth to mouth transmitted methods but the best teeth whitening techniques are the ones recommended by your personal dentist.